Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force Field Op Assignment #32 & Message From Rookie!

Herbert’s back and claiming he rebuilt the Protobot! Complete this Field Op #32 to stop him, for now…

EPF Assignment 32

Click on your Spy Phone then click “Go There” for easy access to the Command Room.

Read your orders from G.

Go to the Night Club and waddle over to the DJ3K Equipment for your Spy Phone to ring.

Open your Spy Phone.

Read the directions then click “Engage”.

You will need to guide the bot to all three of the targets but not by using the arrows on your keyboard!

To move the bot click the arrows at the bottom of your Spy Phone. You can enter as many arrows as you want then click the play button. The bot will follow your instructions. NOTE: The left and right arrows don’t turn the bot left and right AND move him a space, they just turn him it in that direction. So for example, in the picture above you would enter: Straight, Straight, Straight, Right, Straight, Straight and Straight for the bot to get to the target at the top of the puzzle!

Remember you only have 5 commands!

Check your Spy Phone for a new message from Rookie:

Keep an eye out, Herbert could strike at any moment!


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Club Penguin Coins for Change Goes Above and Beyond!

Posted on January 31, 2011 by Lux1200

This past December penguins donated over 12 BILLION coins to help kids around the world, the environment, and more! Although Coins for Change is over we still help kids around the world…

Because a portion of every Club Penguin Membership goes to help children around the world, like those affected by the recent floods in Australia!


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Club Penguin System Defender Under Attack by Herbert and New Stamps!

Posted on January 27, 2011 by Lux1200

Herbert is targeting the EPF Main Frame! Use the System Defender to defeat him, head to the Command Room ASAP!

System Defender

Go to the Command Room and then waddle over to the System Defender.

Click “Defend System” to start.

How To Play: System Defender

The point of the game is to defend the System Mainframe (glowing blue object) from bots. You do so by placing cannons/guns that will destroy the bots!

In the top left of the screen you will see how much power you have (used to buy cannons/cannon upgrades) and the cannons you can buy. The Red Cannon (50 Power) does little damage but shoots rapidly and has little range, the Orange Cannon (125 Power) doesn’t shoot as fast but does more damage and has a larger range, the Purple Cannon (200 Power) takes the longest to load but does the most damage! The Gear Symbol (500 Power) is used to upgrade a cannon.

You can only place cannons on “power outlets” (pictured above).

In the bottom right corner you’ll see a bunch of arrows. When you start the level this will display what type of bots are coming (the big ones are bosses).

You get 10 power for each bot you destroy. As you destroy more and more they will start to drop extra power (pictured above). Click it to gain extra power.

Bosses drop gears, use this to upgrade your cannons! To do this, click the gear then the cannon you’d like to upgrade!

That’s all there is to know, but of course I have some tips/strategies to defeating the bots easier!


Make sure to place lots of Orange Cannons and watch out for the Centipede of Doom!!

Once you have beat the Centipede of Doom, herbert will be out of bots and will no longer be a threat…for now!

New Stamps

Herbert’s attack has brought us new stamps! You’ll also get a stamp for beating Herbert in the new System Defender level!

~Mr Dunning~


New Author!

Hello Veiwers!

Im a new Author on this fantastic website! I have been added to this website because i know how to make  graphics.I think this would improve me and my dream to be  a graphics designer when i get older!But i have to go to college first!

Ok more about me! Im 12 and im a good graphics designer.My Birthday is January 18.I am in the Acp Army and Active Sergeant and i go to wars!I like clubpenguin and pokemon if you have any questions about me just email me at

Birthday Party!!

Hey ACP!It’s Mr Dunning here.Some of you know that it’s Mchappy’s birthday on the 31st.I am throwing a birthday party for him!! :mrgreen: Everybody in ACP is invited to it.If you are not in ACP you can still come.For his birthday party we will party on ACP chat.Here’s the invitation *GOO*.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It would’ve been at my igloo but my membership expired yesterday xD.This will al be happening on Mchappy’s B-Day, July 31st.

~Mr Dunning~


Sorry I havent been keeping you guys updated I’ve been busy.Here are some of the new things.The newer things are towards the end of this post.Enjoy!

New Items

  • Congo Drum – 400 Coins
  • Guitar Amp – 600 Coins
  • Wall Speaker – 800 Coins
  • Concert Lights – 650 Coins
  • DJ Table – 800 Coins

  • Disco Ball – 350 Coins
  • Gramophone – 375 Coins
  • Microphone – 200 Coins
  • Band Stage – 800 Coins
  • Eight Note – 120 Coins
  • Treble Clef – 120 Coins

July ’10 Better Igloos Cheats

Click the bottom part of the wall speaker for the Quarter Note (120 Coins).

Click the DJ Table for the Drum Kit (760 Coins).

Click the Disco Ball for the Guitar Stand (300 Coins).

Click the word “Disco” for the Lanterns (175 Coins).

Click either part of the Eighth Note for the Music Stand (250 Coins).

Click the cash register in the background for the Tropical Palm Tree (300 Coins).

Click the top on the Cloths Rack for the HD TV (1,000 Coins).

Click the inside part of the Stone Wall Ruins for the Mermaid Vanity (735 Coins).

Click the middle window in the Pirate Ship for the Bamboo Torch (200 Coins).

Click on the Flower Pot (blue flower) for the Ficus Plant (320 Coins).

Click on the Potted Palm for the Poodle Plant (430 Coins).

Click the top of the throne for the Snake Grass (230 Coins).

Click the fish on the Medieval Banner for the Bulrushes (340 Coins).

Along with the new Better Igloos Catalog there are new instruments in the Music Catalog:

New Instruments

New instruments have been added to the Music Catalog which you can access Backstage.

  • Acoustic Guitar – 500 Coins (returned)
  • Orange Double Necked Guitar – 600 Coins (new!)
  • Tambourine – 100 Coins (new!)

Sadly there aren’t any cheats in the Music Catalog like there last year.

There is also a new pic.It is a tambourine to go along with the music jam.The pin can be found in the Attic on the couch in the top left corner.

And then there is the new CP stamps for postcards!

Its official, the new Club Penguin “Stamps” will launch July 26th! The final stamp from the sneak peek was revealed:

Mostly all of us right from the start figured out this was some kind of stamp thing and we’ve finally got some clarification! Here is what Billybob has to say about the new feature.

“Corncand said:

These look like stamps or stickers! My guess is we will have an album to put them im every time we earn them and maybe we will have to do tasks to earn them anyway im excited!

Thanks Corncand! I couldn’t have said it better myself. Starting July 26, you’ll be able to earn and collect stamps!

Some of you commented that you think stamps are in games like Aqua Grabber. There’s a lot more to stamps than just playing games…  You’ll have to work together to earn many of them!!

You’ll get your own Stamp Book to put them in, and you can show off your collection to everyone.”

If you look at the second to last line/paragraph, it sort of relates to what I thought of the new feature:

Some of you mentioned that they had to do with some of the Club Penguin Mini Games (and Characters). This is what I think is going to happen. Lets say the first stamp has to do with Aqua Grabber. Once we complete all levels in Aqua Grabber we will get the “Aqua Grabber Stamp” to use on our Player Card or Postcards we send to other penguins! Or maybe it will be hidden somewhere in one of the Aqua Grabber levels.

Regarding the Rockhopper one, maybe once we meet him instead of just being able to get his autographed background, maybe we’ll be able to get a Rockhopper Stamp! Or maybe its hidden somewhere on the Migrator.

Stamps will officially start July 26th. Check back then for all the updates on Stamps.

And lastly the most famous penguins at the moment the Penguin Band and Cadence!!

Don’t forget to get these items before they are gone.

  • FREE Blue Headphones @ Cove
  • Member Item: Red Music Jam T-Shirt @ Backstage (All Access Pass needed)
  • Member Item: Boombox @ Night Club Rooftop (All Access Pass needed)
  • Instruments being sold @ Backstage
  • Music Jam Merch @ Ski Village & Snow Forts (that’s where you can buy an All Access Pass)

Also check the Penguin Band and Cadence trackers.

Keep on waddling…

~Mr Dunning~

Club Penguin Music Jam 2010 Cheats

Are you ready to rock? Music Jam 2010 is here! Music Jam has something for everyone with every type of music genre to choose from! Members, grab your all access pass and get ready to rock…

Free Item
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Grab your free Blue Headphones at the Cove.

Merchandise Stands
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You can stop by one of two merchandise stands located on the Island. The first one is at the Snow Forts and the other one is at the Ski Village.

All Access Pass

Members can buy their All Access Pass at one of the merchandise stands on the Island. This allows you to enter special rooms and have “All Access” to the party!

Casa Fiesta Member Room
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Casa Fiesta is a NEW special room for members (notice the “All Access Pass Needed sign”). It is located at the Ski Village next to the Merchandise Stand.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is what the Casa Fiesta Room looks like (for non members). The whole point of the room is to make a Conga Line on the center dance floor!

The center dance floor is not only for conga line’s though. Play an instrument on it and see what happens!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
This is another member room that requires the All Access Pass, an old-time favorite. Backstage! You can go backstage by using one of the entrances located at either the Dock or Casa Fiesta.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

While backstage you can pick up a free Red Music Jam T-Shirt:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
And you can also buy Instruments:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Unlike the past years, this years Music Catalog has some new instruments for sale.

  • Conga Drums – 300 Coins
  • Tuba – 600 Coins
  • Blue Electric Guitar – 550 Coins

Along with the new Conga Drums and Blue Electric Guitar, there will be more instruments available July 15th (hopefully some new ones to :) )

When exiting Backstage, there are now two doors. One for the Main Stage (Dock) and one for Casa Fiesta!

Dance Floor Roof

The last member room is the Dance Floor Roof! You can access the roof by going to the Dance Lounge then use the entrance to the roof (but of course you need an All Access Pass).
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You can pick up the same old Boom Box free item back from when Cadence came in January of 2009 (that is if you don’t already have it).

One cool thing Club Penguin kept from last year is the “Music Player 3000″. Click on it to change the music and the color of the speakers!

Those are all the main attractions for this year’s Music Jam but I’d like to point out some other cool thingz ;]

Other Cool Stuff

Above all, the Iceberg is probably the other biggest thing. Why? Because the Penguin Band is playing their (you can’t actually meet them/click on their player card)! Although, this does mean that the PB will be taking their usual “Breaks” which mean we will get a chance to meet them.

Whenever they take a break, check back for a Penguin Band Tracker!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Music Maker 3000 was something that I thought was pretty cool last year and it has returned this year. I mean come on, who doesn’t like giant instruments?

You can get to the Music Maker 3000 by going to the Snow Forts then look by the Clock Tower for the entrance. The “Music Maker 3000″ is basically a room with huge instruments. Stand on the color block below them and they will play! Get your friends to stand on one instrument while you stand on the other to make cool sounds.

Ahhh, another old Music Jam favorite. Battle of The Bands! It’s been here since the first Music Jam. Check it out at the Snow Forts, another Red vs. Blue Battle!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The Floor Piano 3000 is similar to the Music Maker 3000 (does everything have “3000″ at the end nowadays?). You can walk on the keys of the piano to play them.

You can use the switch on the back wall so that only you can play the keys on the floor piano or so that other penguins can to!

Have you checked out the Lighthouse? It has the same stage as last year but the Lighthouse is designed differently (I like it!). Also, try playing an instrument on Stage. You can hear it through your speakers. Get multiple penguins to play their instrument and you can make a band!

Just like the years before, you can click the “Applause” Button at the bottom right of the screen in a room that has a Stage and of course there will be an Applause.

*You can also now play the guitar while wearing the red Music Jam T-Shirt!*

Along with all of that, there are a ton of “Themed Rooms”! Check em out:

Themed Rooms

The Soccer Pitch has a Rock theme and is called “Rock Ring”!

The Forest has a Country Theme!

The Cove has a Beach Party/Jamaican Theme.

The Beach has a Girly theme =P

The Dock has the Main Stage.

The Coffee Shop has a Jazz Theme.

The Pizza Parlor has a Hall of Fame/Elvis kind of feel to it!

Any other cool themed rooms you’d like to point out?

The Music Jam is one of my favorite parties and its been around since 2008! Each year has featured awesome new rooms and free items and I think by far this year is the best. Don’t miss Music Jam, it’ll be here till July 18th :)

~Mr Dunning~


Check out the trackers to track Cadence and the Penguin Band!

Cadence has a NEW background!! :) Here is what it looks like:

New Things!

Ben Quincy: Mr Dunning please contact me asap

The Club Penguin Island Adventure Party is still rocking and the Underwater Party will be here late July, either way these catalog’s have you covered for both parties! Check out all the cheats below.

June – July Better Igloos

  • Penguin Mannequin – 275 Coins
  • Open/Closed Sign – 150 Coins
  • Wall Rack – 350 Coins
  • Clothes Rack – 400 Coins

  • Stone Column Ruins – 350 Coins
  • Stone Wall Ruins – 425 Coins
  • Stone Arch Ruins – 450 Coins
  • Pirate Ship – 525 Coins
  • Shell Chair – 550 Coins
  • Life Boat – 430 Coins

June – July Better Igloos Flooring

Looking for new flooring? Check out some of the cool new finds in this months Better Igloos!

June – July Better Igloo Cheats

Click the top on the Cloths Rack for the HD TV (1,000 Coins).

Click the middle window in the Pirate Ship for the Bamboo Torch (200 Coins).

Click on the Flower Pot (blue flower) for the Ficus Plant (320 Coins).

Click on the Potted Palm for the Poodle Plant (430 Coins).

Click the top of the throne for the Snake Grass (230 Coins).

Click the fish on the Medieval Banner for the Bulrushes (340 Coins).

Click the top bookshelf for the Green Deck Chair (400 Coins).

Click the lamp shade for the Green Bookcase (450 Coins).

Click the curtain rod for the Recycle Bin (50 Coins).

New Igloo Upgrades

There is one returned igloo and that is the Fish Bowl (because of the upcoming Underwater Party).

To any mermaids interested, it’ll cost you 2,400 Coins!

Igloo Upgrade Cheats

Click the crowbar at the top right of the screen for the Secret Stone Igloo (2,000 Coins).

Click the doors of the Ice Castle for the Pink Ice Palace (4,900 Coins).

Click one of the flowers in the Green Clover Igloo for the Bamboo Hut (3,200 Coins).

Click the door of the Deluxe Snow Igloo for the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo (5,000 Coins).

Thats it for the catalogs.

Everyone who goes on CP knows that Rockhopper is here!!Here are his free items.

His new free item is non other then The Squid Lid which was the winning item in the “You Decide” blog post weeks ago. Members can also buy three new items and the returned Jolly Roger Flag (furniture item).

Rockhopper will be here for awhile so there is plenty of time to catch him around the Island.

And now for the new Field Op assignment.

EPF Assignment 2

Click on your Spy Phone, it will be flashing with a Red Alert. Like before, head to the Command Room and waddle over to the Field-Op’s Computer.

Read your assignment then head to the Ski Hill.

Waddle to the Pole in the middle (if you even can, theres tons of penguins crowding it). Your Spy Phone will then flash green and ring (if it doesn’t then just keep clicking on/by the pole until it does).

To power up the antenna you will be required to complete a puzzle, heres how.

Guide the micro chip to each station (they are silver and have arrows pointing to them). Some have a lock in front, if they do just move the micro chip to the key then back to that station. You move the chip by using the arrows on your Key Board!

Move the micro shop to each station then wait for it to charge (will have a green light once charged).

When moving the micro chip through the maze watch out for the red things, they will shock you and if that happens you’ll have to start all over again! Ig they have their arm/grabber thing extended to where your about to move don’t go there because you will get shocked!

If your micro ship is low on battery (you can tell by the green bar in the middle, you can not charge the stations if the chip is low on battery) then go back to the center piece to recharge!

Once you have charged all the stations you will have completed the Op and earned another medal:

Remember that the medals are used to buy Elite Gear!

That’s all for this Field-Op!

Stay sharp agents! A new Op will be here next week.

Recently Screenhog made list of the Adventure Party Don’t Miss list.

Here is what he said.

  • Rockhopper’s Rare Items catalog. Rockhopper’s only here for a short time – so make sure to grab your free Squid Lid!
  • The great Ship Battle room – Members, don’t forget to dress up (We’ve seen some interesting battles. Like the Pirates vs. Kings!)
  • Fireflies in the Forest – Can you get them to light up? (Hint: get more penguins in there!)
  • Snowball-eating plant in the Forest!
  • Scavenger Hunt – and the treasure you dig for!
  • The new entrance to the Hidden Lake – I hear this will be sticking around after the party.
  • Stand at the Iceberg and wait – you might see something unexpected…

If you’d like to add anything to that or want to point out another cool thing, leave a comment and let me know :)

And lastly Herbert’s Revenge the Nintendo DS game is coming soon to the United Kingdom and Australia!!For everyone hoping to buy it I hope you like it! :mrgreen:

Well that’s some of the new stuff happening here in CP.Have fun while the Adventure party lasts!

Keep on waddling!

~Mr Dunning~

Rockhopper Tracker June 2010

Come Track Rockhopper With The Team! 🙂


First of all, Rockhopper is sometimes a real person and sometimes a computer. During peak hours of the day, Rockhopper is usually a person but late at night or early in the morning in the USA Rockhopper is a computer. Rockhopper can be logged into more than one server at a time. Rockhopper likes to visit many servers, but his favorites are Mammoth, Frozen, Blizzard, Parka, and Yeti. Remember, he visits many servers, not just these ones!

Searching for Rockhopper is difficult, but definitely do able. Rockhopper is a red penguin who wears a pirate hat, and a black beard. Otherwise his player card looks just like an ordinary penguin.


When Rockhopper is on Club Penguin, he will always be surrounded by tons of penguins. Sometimes the penguins will all be wearing red.


If you are searching for Rockhopper and you see the message “Sorry this room is currently full.”, keep trying to get into that room. Rockhopper visits almost all of the rooms on Club Penguin but his favorites are the Migrator, Rockhopper’s Quarters, Beach, Dock, Iceberg, the Cove, Forest, and Pizza Parlor.

Rockhopper switches rooms frequently and usually stays logged in for about 15 to 20 minutes. If you notice a server all of the sudden starts to get crowded, check that server for Rockhopper. Make sure you search for Rockhopper with friends to check more servers faster.

If you think Rockhopper is in the room, use the users in room list on your Club Penguin toolbar. It is organized in alphabetical order and will let you find him much faster. Click on his name and on his player card click on the free gift button.



For More Help, Use The Rockhopper Chat


This Tracker was from Aaman2! He gladly lended his tracker to us 🙂